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Yiotis Panayi (Amathus Beach Hotel)

Extract: Panayiotis Panayi of Amathus Beach Hotel, is an exceptional individual, an absolute top notch and world class restaurant supervisor! He brilliantly stands out by far and epitomises what amazing hospitality and what service is! (....)

Extract 1: What personal characteristics makes him stand out:

Yiotis is one of the most pleasant and courteous person you ever met. “So much so I could really have taken him home”! (.....)

Extract 2: What is his filoxenia profile:

Yiotis welcomes you daily like a family at each mealtime, always smiling and very friendly (....)

Extract 3: What is the profile of social relations:

Yiotis is a joy. He is delighted to talk to you every morning. He makes you feel like royalty at breakfast and also makes you laugh too! He makes people so happy with the way how he treats them. (.....)

Extract 4: What is his main feature (top talent): A hero of dozens of children

Yiotis makes such a effort with your children. He treats your children like his own.  (....)

Extract 5: What makes him stand out at work:

Yiotis is like a superhero with cape. (...). He is always so kind and attentive. He seems to be everywhere all the time. The level of attention is perfect, not too obtrusive. (....)

Extract 6: What epitomizes his performance at work:

Yiotis goes above and beyond his duty as staff. No matter how many guests are in the restaurant, he is ready and willing to give a personal touch. (....)

Extract 7: Yiotis highly engagement stories

Guest Story: How to treat guest's favourite cat

Guest Story: A kid who save his holidays to see Yiotis again

Guest Story:  A guest asked for a cigarette

This is only an anthology of a long profile report. (300 words out 1500 words). This report is a result of dozens of guest reviews.  Reviews have been analysed and categorised to build the Seven Habits of Great Hosts. (All rights belong to Kallis Filoxeniaki Ltd)